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Rochester MN Sports Scoop

February 24, 2022

Rochester MN Sports Scoop 

By Becky Macken – RS PR Committee 

Without question, the past two years will loom as one of the most challenging and difficult periods in the history of Rochester Sports. For an organization that relies on large sporting and social activities, RS was certainly restricted in hosting events. Throughout it all, RS has retained most of the “heaver hitters” (no-pun intended) and as February comes to an end, the staff at RS will host several large volleyball & basketball events that will bring substantial economic impact to Rochester.  These are the giants when it comes to participants and guests.    

The two basketball tournaments have a total 374 team with an estimated economic impact of over $3.5 million for the City of Rochester. Mostly Minnesota teams playing hoops and what great opportunity for us to host once again. 

The National Volleyball Center is nearing its 25th Anniversary and was built with world-class standards dedicated to the sport of volleyball.  In the coming weeks, RS will host 12 Junior Olympic Volleyball Tournaments with teams coming from 7 states: MN, WI, IA, IL, ND, SD, NV 

In addition to NVC games will be played at the Rochester Regional Sports Center & Century High School as well. 

For locations and details, migrate to:  

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 26-27: RCYBA Boys BB Tournament (274 teams)  

March 5-6: RCYBA Girls BB Tournament (100 teams) 

March 19-20: Odd Cup VB: 13’s, 15’s, 17’s (80 teams) 

April 2-3: Med City Cup I VB: 15’s, 16’s 18’s (80 teams) 

April 9-10:  Med City Cup II VB: 12’s, 14’s (80 teams) 

Obliviously, the number of teams entered in these events are impressive and Rochester has no difficulty with providing hotel rooms and restaurant options to the participants and families. We welcome them to Rochester.! 

If there are any sporting events you would like Rochester Sports to explore to host – let us know by emailing 


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