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September 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2022

Rochester Sports

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022; 7:30am

Kahler Grand


Present: Nelson, Tesch, Gaskell, Groettum, Behrens, McElroy, Macken, Nance, Lester, Kappes, Davidson, Muellner

Excused: Miksch, Kauffman, Cothern,

Unexcused: Widman, Aagard, Weiss

Staff Present: Funk, Esau, Gibson, Curran

Guest: Ihrke

  1. Call to order

Gaskell called the meeting to order at 7:32am.

  1. Introduction of Paul Barbaro – Kahler Properties: interested in joining the board. Kay Nagel is our Sports Contact from Kahler for all room needs. Paul has a strong background in hockey.

  1. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the August minutes was made by Groettum, seconded by Nelson and passed.

  1. Financials
  • Behrens:
    • General P&L: 5215 Misc. General – is up $1,200 from Erics Credit card, we are missing the statement and just waiting to confirm things.
    • Event P&L:  6601 Hotel Rebates – we paid out about $10,000 on winter and spring events that have closed out – mainly coming from volleyball and hockey.
    • Gaskell asked if we are waiting on any large bills/expenses to come in – Matt said no business as usual. We might look at upgrading some equipment once we meet with the city to know what funding will look like for 2023.

Motion to pass the August financials was made by Lester, seconded by Nance and passed.

  1. Event and Organization Report:
    • Esau: This is generally a slower time for us as an organization which has given us time to get caught up on sales and organizational tasks moving into our busy season. We have worked out an agreement to have Ben Lincks come back and assist Eric with Early Bird basketball.
    • Eric: working on a lot of prep work for Early bird basketball and working with Linsy to prepare for the upcoming volleyball season.
    • Linsy: working on training staff for when I am gone. Making guides for eric for Volleyball and Jessica and Matt for Financials. Also assisting with getting things ready for NJCAA DIII Volleyball and the Sports Banquet.
    • Curran: Attended the Minnesota Sports Alliance meeting in the cities – which is a group of other sports commissions throughout MN who come together to work collaboratively on events and industry trends. Working with Autumn on a new collegiate swim event. Youth Hockey Hub – Big Pumpkin is coming up with 24 teams. Also running NJCAA Volleyball in November for Linsy as she is gone.

  1. Old Business:
    • Foundation Report: Had a meeting at ChipShot last month. Working on the website but no major updates.
    • Sports Banquet: We have confirmed our speaker and signed contract. The speaker is Ben Leber from the MN Vikings – we will work with KAAL to release who the guest speaker is and then 24 hrs. later post it on social.

  1. New Business
    • Board Members: Jeff Wills resigned from the board due to time constraints. He will still serve on the nominations committee for the Sports Banquet. He recommended Ryan Keller to fill his position. Ryan assisted us with getting Ben Leber for the guest speaker and works a lot in the community with sports.

Motion to add Ryan Keller to the board to replace Jeff Wills was made by Davidson, second by Nelson and passed.

  • Hotel Appreciation Party: we will be hosting a hotel appreciation event next week at Purple Goat to thank hotels for their partnership.
  • Ken Nance: we have 100 teams who come in for league on Sundays – they come from 8am-6pm.

  1. Adjournment- A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Behrens, seconded by Macken and passed. Gaskell adjourned the meeting at 8:09am.