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Rochester Will Host Just For Kix Nationals and Summer Dance Camp in 2019

September 18, 2018

Rochester Sports and Just For Kix are happy to announce a partnership that will keep the Just For Kix Dance Nationals in Rochester for the next three years, 2019-21! Just For Kix hosted their Nationals event for the first time at Mayo Civic Center last April. Moving to a new site was a significant change for Just For Kix, but the overall experience at a larger venue created a great experience, as spectators and competitors enjoyed the lively, energetic atmosphere.

Hosting the event at Mayo Civic Center for the next three years provides Just For Kix the opportunity to grow their event and reach new groups moving forward.  Overall, 4,300 individuals from seven states can be expected to participate in the upcoming National competition.  The event will produce over 1,400 hotel room nights, and generate $975,345 in annual estimated economic impact.

“Our first year in Rochester was a big success,” explained Cindy Clough, executive director of Just For Kix. “Parents and our directors were very excited about the switch.  This year we are already hearing a bigger buzz about more teams that will travel to Rochester, some from as far away as Spokane, WA, and Windsor, Colorado.   We are also bringing in new teams from outside studios.   The event will continue to grow,” Clough said.

“In addition to all this, Just For Kix will be bringing our summer camps to Rochester next July for 12 days. They are historically held in Brainerd but they are undergoing a renovation.  The staff from Rochester Sports helped us to see how Rochester could aid us in making this happen.  We will have about 3,000 people over the 12-day period stay in area hotels. Our training camps will be held at Rochester Century and the National Volleyball Center,” Clough said.

Running these events requires a team effort, and a large group of Just For Kix staff makes the trip to Rochester to manage these.  To give you an idea of the footprint of Just For Kix, Cindy and Steve Clough started Just For Kix in Brainerd, MN over 30 years ago and have grown the program to 13 states, 212 programs and over 29,500 students.

To say Rochester is honored to host to these events and the Just For Kix staff is an understatement.  As a city, it is unbelievable the benefits these events will have on area dance and our community next year and into the future.

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