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March 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2022

Rochester Sports

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022; 7:30am

Hilton Garden Inn


Present: Muellner, Nelson, Davidson, Macken, Lester, Aagard, Tesch, Kappes, Miksch, Gaskell, Groettum, Oslund, Widman, Wills, Kauffman, Behrens, Cothern, Weiss, Nance

Excused: McElroy,


Staff Present: Funk, Esau, Gibson, Curran

Guest: Ihrke

  1. Call to order

Tesch called the meeting to order at 7:34am.

  1. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the January minutes was made by Macken, seconded by Miksch and passed.

Motion to approve the February minutes was made by Lester, seconded by Nelson and passed.

  1. Financials
  • Esau:
    • General P&L: 5135 Fees and Dues increased from paying our MN Sports and Sports Eta membership for the year.
    • Nelson asked what we do with the State Group – Matt explained we meet with them monthly to discuss the industry and events we can host. We also attend conferences together and host clients as a group.
    • Event P&L: 4201 Hotel rebates are starting to come in for 2022. Sponsorship $ went up for receiving title sponsorship for the banquet. Merch and Tickets increased from all the volleyball events.
    • Balance Sheet: Our balance sheet is now sitting over a million dollars - We will be meeting with a financial advisor to see what advice they have. Macken said – you need to spend it or invest it.

Motion to pass the financials was made by Nelson, seconded by Davidson and passed.

  1. Event and Organization Report:
    • Matt: The packet shows upcoming events and a February summary report of where room nights sit. Mentioned how rooms are over based on projected for both Presidents Day weekend which is good to see. RCYBA Boys basketball now sits over 1,800 which is getting close to what it’s normally been in the past. Met last week is Dan from USA Softball and Ken Nance with RYFSA – discussed how we can get teams for the 16A Northern National. Also discussing to see how we can get our Fall Softball tournament going.
    • Autumn: swimming is getting back to normal – with around 900 swimmers in multiple events. The Rec Center is back to the normal craziness which is a good thing.
    • Linsy: Odd Cup this weekend with 80 teams, both Med City Cups in April are both full with 80 teams each. We will be hosting the Midwest Fiesta for the first-time end of April into May with 6-8 courts running – we hope this event will grow in the future. Both weekends of Rochester Cup are down in registration which has been the trend over the years as it is late in the season.
    • Gibson: Worked NJCAA last week which was my first experience seeing a bigger event. This weekend I have Folkstyle Wrestling. Pacesetter Basketball coming up at RCTC and now that the mask mandate has been lifted, they will be staying. Another wrestling event for Northland Youth Wrestling end of the month going into April. Finalized the Rochester Lacrosse Jamboree in May.
    • Curran: NJCAA DIII Basketball was last week with 12 teams. Upcoming is age group state starting Thursday and NSIC Softball Conference Championships with ten teams in May. Then Baseball season starts up in June.

  1. Old Business:
    • Rochester Sports Night: During Rochester Fest is something we have coordinated in the past and they are asking us to do this again. We will work with them on this for PR purposes.
  2. New Business
    • Digital Sports Visitors Guide: We have created a digital visitors guide and created business cards with QR Codes on them that will be put out at the gate that will link to the guide. We are now able to track scans on this and will also distribute the flyers and business cards to all the sponsors who are included.
    • Announcements:
      • Kristin – they are creating an advocacy group for the Rochester city tax that goes towards sports facilities.

  1. Adjournment- A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Miksch, seconded by Nelson and passed. Tesch adjourned the meeting at 8:23am.