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June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

July 3, 2022

Rochester Sports

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022; 7:30am



Present: Nelson, Tesch, Miksch, Gaskell, Groettum, Behrens, Muellner, McElroy, Weiss, Aagard, Davidson

Excused: Wills, Cothern, Nance, Lester

Unexcused: Macken, Kauffman, Kappes, Widman

Staff Present: Funk, Esau, Gibson, Curran

Guest: Ihrke

  1. Call to order

Gaskell called the meeting to order at 7:33am.

  1. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the May minutes was made by Nelson, seconded by Behrens and passed.

  1. Financials
  • Behrens:
    • General P&L: a slower month for financials. The audit has now been paid for – that is a one-time expense. Sports ETA is now up from the conference Matt and Eric attended. Question was asked what the supplies line item is: Matt explained it’s things including coffee, printer paper, office chair, visitor guides, new business cards, etc. 5215 Misc. expense was up last month as we weren’t sure what some charges were but that has now been rectified and those charges are where they need to be.
    • Event P&L:  Business as usual. Question was asked what was in Governing Body Royalty – Matt explained its two payments that went out to RYVA for both weekends of the Frostbite Volleyball tournaments.

Motion to pass the May financials was made by Davidson, seconded by Groettum and passed.

  1. Event and Organization Report:
    • Matt: We are currently in the middle of a lot of prep for all the baseball events coming up. We are having a lot of challenges making sure we have assigners for baseball umpires. We used to have 2 state baseball tournaments and now we are running 5 – which is a good problem to have. In addition, with the MSF Tournament – they added a second age division without asking us, so now we need additional fields and umpires for this. We also have to start setting up the fences at McQuillan with the first USSSA event coming up. Looking at the May Event Summary Report – we are happy to see Just for Kix Dance is back up this year from being down from Covid. Rochester Cup II is over what we expected, but Rochester Cup II is down from expected.
    • Eric: Ran the Rochester Rundown this past weekend, things went really well. This weekend we have USSSA Softball with 32 teams coming, using 7 fields at McQuillan. Also hosting MAYB Basketball at NVC this weekend.
    • Linsy: Working to finalize the volleyball financials to pay out RYVA. Working on USA Softball in August, still sitting at just 8 teams so hopefully that number will continue to go up. NJCAA DIII Volleyball moved from 12 teams to 16 teams, but won’t take effect until 2023. The bids are now open for NJCAA DIII Volleyball and Basketball. Working with Jessica to get bids in for those.
    • Curran: RYBA Challenge being hosted this weekend with 80 teams. RYBA is also hosting a tournament the following weekend, the same as Firecracker with 12 teams. Looking ahead, we will be hosting 5 state baseball tournaments coming up over the next 6 weekends. June-July we are hosting 3 swim meets and have added a new collegiate swim meet.

  1. Old Business:
    • Public Relations Committee: Wednesday the 22nd is the Rochester Sports night for RochesterFest.
    • Foundation Report: have been having meetings with leadership to discuss with the vote coming up in November regarding a new facility. The foundation gave $5,000 to the Minnesota Mentorship program.
      • Behrens mentioned Ed asked him to join the advisory committee board which he will be moving forward with. He will meet with the foundation about four times a year.
    • Sports Banquet: Will be on Martin Luther King Day again. Our first meeting with be in July. Our number one priority right now is finding a speaker for the event.

  1. New Business
    • Transfer of funds to ONB Savings Account: We will be moving money to a ONB account – we will split our current Wells Fargo savings in half to have reserves being held at ONB.
    • Doubletree will be moving to dorms Monday October 2nd. Becca will be working to move all team to the Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn for the teams who have current blocks. The big event to work on in the future for hotel rooms will be Just for Kix and the wrestling events.
    • Our July board meeting will be an appreciation night at the Honkers Game.

  1. Adjournment- A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Behrens, seconded by Miksch and passed. Gaskell adjourned the meeting at 8:16am.