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May 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2022

Rochester Sports

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022; 7:30am



Present: Nelson, Macken, Tesch, Miksch, Gaskell, Groettum, Kauffman, Behrens, Nance, Muellner, McElroy, Kappes

Excused: Davidson, Wills

Unexcused: Lester, Cothern, Weiss, Aagard, Widman

Staff Present: Funk, Esau, Gibson, Curran

Guest: Ihrke

  1. Call to order

Gaskell called the meeting to order at 7:34am.

  1. Audit: Mark Murch reported on the Audit of the 2021 Financial Statement. We have a clean audit opinion – which is the highest opinion that can be given.

  1. Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the April minutes was made by Kauffman, seconded by Macken and passed.

  1. Financials
  • Behrens:
    • General P&L: Sponsorship came in from quarterly payments. There was a $372 charge for Survey Monkey which was don’t use anymore – we have canceled the membership and are trying to see if we can get a refund. There is a $1,200 fee in supplies which is money we put into the visitors’ guides. Sports Sales got moved from Sales Conventions. Misc. expense - $495.54 went through which we aren’t sure what they are for - we are checking into this with Wells Fargo.
    • Event P&L: Hotel Room Rebates continue to go up from Jessica collecting on invoices from hotels – most of this will be paid out to the event owners. The rest of expenses and revenues are business as usual from events running.

Motion to pass the April financials was made by Groettum, seconded by McElroy and passed.

  1. Event and Organization Report:
    • Matt: April Event Summary Report – nice to see some events exceeded the expectations for hotel rooms. We just finished coming off from a few extremely busy weeks. Eric and I just attended the Sports ETA Conference and got to meet with some solid potential clients to bring their events to town.
    • Linsy: Hosted the third weekend in a row of volleyball to finish out the season with 13+ events. As well as the Just for Kix Nationals at the Mayo Civic Center – we have a contract in place with them through 2024. Also hosted the Donny Schmitt motocross event at the Spring Creek Raceway.
    • Curran: Ran the NSIC Softball tournament out at the RYFSA Complex.

  1. Old Business:
    • Public Relations Committee: Working on the Sports Night for RochesterFest but we haven’t gotten many groups signed up yet. The board is going to work on sending it out to their contacts.
    • Sports Banquet Title Sponsor: Working with ONB for a title sponsorship. Ed asked for the title sponsor to be announced more on the news. Brandon with KAAL said they are not allowed to promote the title sponsor – only free advertising to promote the event. If we decide to buy a commercial for $1,000 we can then promote the sponsor that way.

  1. New Business
    • Rochester Sports Foundation Board: Behrens and Tesch are both up for the position. Behrens decided to put his support behind Tesch

Motion to pass Tesch as the Rochester Sports Foundation Board member was made by Kaufmann, second by Nance and passed.

  • Kaufmann: The term of the foundation Board is three years – The person taking on this position for Kaufmann will fill his term - which will be the rest of this year and all of next year. Kauffman suggested to move to make it a three-year term and then vote in a new board member.

Motion to change the foundation term was made by Kaufmann, second by Behrens and passed.

  1. Adjournment- A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Behrens, seconded by Miksch and passed. Gaskell adjourned the meeting at 8:44am.