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Just For Kix Dance Nationals in Rochester this Weekend

April 24, 2018

The Just For Kix "Together We Dance" regional competitions are hosted all across the area each year, and Rochester has enjoyed playing host to these Just For Kix regional events. When Just For Kix returns to the city this weekend, however, it will be a new and exciting experience - Rochester is hosting the first-ever Just For Kix national-level competition at Mayo Civic Center! Creating a national event has been something that has been an evolving discussion and having it in the Arena and Auditorium should create an energetic, fun atmosphere for the competitors and spectators.

To give you an idea of the footprint of Just For Kix, Cindy and Steve Clough started Just For Kix in Brainerd, MN over 30 years ago and have grown the program to 13 states, 200 programs and over 21,000 students. The Just For Kix organization prides itself on running quality events and programs in cities across the U.S. and making sure the participants have the highest quality experience. The Just For Kix “Together We Dance” season for 2018 included 14 single or multiple-day events held around the Midwest between January and April. The Just For Kix Nationals in Rochester this weekend closes out the Together We Dance season.

Running this event requires a team effort, and a large group of Just For Kix staff makes the trip to Rochester to manage the event. This week, 4,300 individuals from seven states will participate in the competition. The event will fill over 1,300 hotel room nights and generate $738,893 in estimated economic impact. As a city, it is unbelievable to see the benefits that over 4,300 dancers and families can have on our community.

The Nationals this weekend is one of Rochester’s largest events of the year and is the largest competition the Just For Kix program organizes each year. To say Rochester is honored to host to this event and the Just For Kix staff is an understatement.

We want to extend a big thank you and good luck to those traveling to Rochester to participate in the first-ever Just For Kix Nationals. Not only do you get to experience a great event, but the positive impact provided to our community is noticed and appreciated. We look forward to hosting you this weekend and into the future.

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