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Importance of Youth Sports

September 4, 2018

While the positive economic impact generated by sports travel to our community is the main reason that Rochester Sports hosts regional, state and national tournaments, there are several other reasons why youth sports events are important and meaningful.

One would be the idea of keeping our youth active for their overall health and welfare. According to recent data released by the National Association of Sports Commissions, 82.4 million Americans are considered inactive and 25% of Americans are totally inactive. Youth are more active throughout life if they engage in sports when growing up. And while 25% of children are active three times per week, our U.S. childhood fitness still ranks low among developed nations.

Research also shows that 48% of high schools in America have no Physical Education offered.  In addition to the schools that do not offer Physical Ed there is a $381 per player per team average cost to play a high school sport, which excludes those who cannot afford to participate. Many of the traveling youth sports team have a similar barrier.

To put these statistics in the proper perspective, only 29% of youth meet the physical fitness standards to join the military. Hopefully participation in youth sports combats some of these numbers reflecting inactivity.

Another important factor in youth sports travel is the social aspect it offers both the athletes and their families. As a Baby Boomer I run into friends who often talk about the great times they all had with their families while their sons and daughters participated in youth sports and traveling teams.  When a team/family jumps on a bus after work for an away game or a weekend in a hotel, the team and games bring people together and away from their daily routines (okay – they still have their phones along). Parents cheer on their teams, enjoy meals together and hang out at the team hotel for social time later. Once your children grow up and complete amateur sports, they have developed great friends and many of the parents have too – with a bunch of great memories!

We are always challenged by other competing cities in the sports tourism industry, but whether Rochester is the host city or you are traveling somewhere else, getting kids out to be active while learning skills and meeting friends (along with their families), youth sport is an important aspect of our society. Get your kids involved – it will benefit them and you!

Upcoming Events:

September 7-8: RCTC Volleyball Invite