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Fastpitch Complex Near Completion

July 3, 2018

As you drive east out of Rochester on Highway 14 you probably have noticed improvements being made to the new fast pitch softball complex. Over the past several months, numerous enhancements have been made to help develop the complex into a fully functional option for local teams and tournaments.

A partnership between RCTC (which is part of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system -- MNSCU), the Rochester Parks & Recreation Department and the Rochester Youth Fastpitch Softball Association (RYFSA) has moved the project forward and it now nears completion.

A major component of the project was the addition of a building that consists of a concession stand, bathrooms, storage and an umpire/hospitality room. Not only will the concession stand provide much needed beverage options for hot summer days and snacks for players/fans, but it will also allow RYFSA to create fundraising dollars from these sales. Why is that important? In order to assure the facility was built with important amenities, the RYFSA contributed $250,000 of their own money (to be paid at $25K over the next ten years). That’s a lot of hot dogs and soda sales!

In addition to the building, the facility’s fields all now have covered dugouts, electronic scoreboards, proper fencing to increase safety and a new championship field – giving the complex six fields total. A small future “novice” field is also being added to give 8U and 10U players a field to learn and develop their skills.

MNSCU owns the land the new softball complex is built on, just as it owns the land on which the Fuad Mansour Soccer Complex, Rochester Youth Baseball Complex, and Rochester Youth Football Fields are located. The city of Rochester and local sports associations utilize the complexes through agreements with MNSCU. This new softball complex will also now be the home of the RCTC Yellowjacket softball team.

The Parks Department provides control of the facility as well as maintenance. The Parks Department also oversaw the project and the disbursement of the sales tax dollars that went into this work completed.

The new complex immediately began paying dividends. RYFSA coordinated the creation of the Southeast Fastpitch Conference. This league consists of 133 regional teams from 36 surrounding community’s teams who will combine to play approximately 1,500 games this summer.  26 of those teams are from the Rochester program, which has 425 youth participating. Nationwide, USA Softball continues to grow in strength and numbers with more than 150,000 teams now playing.

As this new facility is completed, look for more successes with additional users. Youth tournaments are already finding the facility attractive with local high schools and even some colleges viewing it now as a potential location for regional games and/or tournaments. This combined effort in completing this complex by RCTC/MNSCU, the Parks Department and RYFSA has delivered a complex to the Rochester community that will benefit our youth and the City now and for years to come.

Upcoming Events:

July 6-7: Rochester Swim Club Senior Series Swim Meet