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February 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2020

Rochester Sports

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020; 7:30:00 am

Rochester Sports Board Room


Present: Landry, Miksch, Tesch, Behrens, Davidson, Weisner, Flint, Kuisle, Oslund, Ward, Kauffman, Zmolek

Excused: Gaskell, Hesse, Macken, Strauss

Unexcused: Novotny, Widman, Terry, Lester, Weiss, Madden, Palmer, Kappes, Groettum

Staff Present: Hoosier, Esau, Curran, Lincks

Guest: Ihrke, Nelson

  1. Call to order

Kauffman called the meeting to order at 7:31am.

  1. Introduction:
    • Joe Ward: President of the Mayo Civic Center, hired in August. From St. Charles, MO where he was the Director of the CVB for five years and on the Sports Commission Board.

  1. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Kuisle, seconded by Miksch and passed.

  1. Financials
  • Esau: We have finalized the 2019 P&L’s. 2019 General: You will notice a few yellow highlighted cells; this is where we zeroed out the funds that are now being controlled by the Rochester Sports Foundation. Net income for 2019 will be $14,289 and that if with the donation of $50,529.00 we gave to the foundation. Net income on events were $18,500. We are happy to see such high profits in both cases but should note that with being my first year and with all the changeover we were pretty conservative with spending last year.
  • General P&L 2020: You will see we got half of our city funding in January ($300,000) and we are now tracking several other line items which he had not previously being under Experience Rochester. Some of these accounts include staff salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, incentives, office rent, utilities, etc. Fees and Dues are high right now from paying our MN Sports and Chamber memberships. Event P&L income is high from volleyball registrations which will be paid out to RYVA at the end of their events.
  • Zmolek asked if it will be an annual discussion of the board if/how much we will donating to the foundation each year. Matt confirmed that yes the board will review each year if and how much to donate.
  • Nelson asked where on the P&L it would show $ spent on DJ’s/parties. Linsy explained it would be under that specific event P&L – for example under account #6551 entertainment on USA Softball for the opening ceremony.

Motion to pass the financials was made by Weisner, seconded by Zmolek and passed.

  1. Sales Report
    • Ben: Working on the banquet and program from the NJCAA Men’s Basketball. Also helping with the RCYBA Boys basketball event in two weekends – mainly working on comp rooms for officials.
    • Kaleigh: RCYBA Girls Basketball this weekend with 185 teams – working on comp rooms for that as well. Also getting things ready for the NJCAA Men’s DIII Basketball tournament - March 13-15th which I will be running.
    • Linsy: Just finished running our 6th weekend in a row of JO volleyball tournaments with 6 more tournaments to go. We hosted three new events this year with Kokoro volleyball and we are looking at how we can improve the numbers for Presidents Day Volleyball next year. We will also be running the USA Softball 16A Northern National end of July and have already had some team registrations coming in for that.
    • Matt:  January event summary report – comparing 2019 and 2020 – went from having 9 events to 13 this year which is nice to see 4 additional events. Room nights in January were at 3,309. EIC 3.7mil. and 18,000 visitors. Jeff has been working to track rooms and we already feel like we can see there has been a positive benefit. In 2020 for sales we will also be adding some dance events to our calendar (4-6 events) which will all be hosted at the Mayo Civic Center and will add about 80-100 room nights per event.
      • Weisner asked about MOMA and why the numbers are so low – Matt explained it’s because it is individual bookings and not teams and that this is an example of why in 2020, we are tracking estimated room nights instead of just actual because we know we are missing a lot of rooms from certain events.
      • Kuisle asked if we have a spot on the registration that asks where they are staying and how many rooms – Matt said we do but  only for events we own and even when we collect that information it doesn’t always matter because if the hotels don’t have it in their event block they don’t honor it.

  1. New Business:
    • Rochester Sports Visitor Guides/Sponsorship: This was Kaleigh’s first time working on sponsorships and she did a great job. Our visitor guides are brought to events to hand out to attendees. This year we increased our sponsorship amount. We use the sponsorship money from restaurants to help pay for worker meals and meeting expenses.
    • Rochester Sports Foundation: Kauffman said the foundation just got 501C3 approval and are working on their website (should be live 1st of may). They have the budget set up pending if they get sustainable funding so they can continue to work on their projects. Currently looking on projects that are multi-purpose facilities.
      • Weisner asked if they were looking for corporate support – Kauffman said yes and that they are currently looking for funding to pay for Ed’s salary and have been working with Mayo to see if they would be a partner on this.

  1. Old Business:
    • Sports Banquet Recap: Ihrke mentioned in April we will start working on 2021 and need to start thinking of a guest speaker. Plus, if anyone would like to join the committee, we have openings as well. Esau mentioned we heard good feedback that people liked Hugh and his speech. From a timing perspective this year went really well. The Silent Auction got around $8,500 for the Foundation.

  1. Around the Table:
    • Kusile: working on design for the new pool at Century. At first, they looked at designing an 8-lane pool but now looking at a 10-lane pool with a 500-person seating capacity. Continued to have support for wood floors in the middle schools – have three looking at getting 6 additional.
    • Laundry: asked that on the agenda for upcoming event we include two months instead of just one.

  1. Adjournment- A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Behrens, seconded by Miksch and passed. Kauffman adjourned the meeting at 8:28am.