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Update on the status of Rochester MN Sports

June 1, 2020

Statement from the Executive Director of Rochester Sports

There is no doubt that the sports event industry, like many other industries, has taken a hit over the last few months. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused numerous event cancelations during this time. We have followed the guidelines of the CDC and the MN Health Department when it comes to restrictions on number of people gathered together.

Our staff has continued to work the last three months on preparing for future events and on communication with our organizational and hospitality partners. We believe sports will be back in our community very soon. It is important for kids and adults to get back to competition and activity. When sports events do come back, we will be ready to manage and assist with these tournaments. One of our main objectives is to help the Rochester community and small businesses get back on their feet with sports tourism and economic relief, by bringing in many visitors through sports.

We appreciate the support of everyone and know we will come back strong! Thank you.


Executive Director at Rochester MN Sports

Certified Tourism Ambassador