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Board of Directors

“Rochester Sports provides so much to the community and the area, more than just athletic events. The staff and board continue to focus on the future and how we can provide a sustainable model that provides exposure and economic impact to the Rochester businesses, community, and people.”

Chris Terry - Rochester MN Sports past board President, VP - Knutson Construction

  • Ann Miksch
    Rochester Figure Skating
  • Autumn Kappes
    Rochester Swim Club Orcas
  • Becky Macken
  • Bob Groettum
  • Bryan Weiss
    RCTC Soccer
  • Corky Gaskell
    Roosters Vintage Baseball
  • Dan Nelson
    At Large
  • Kreg Kauffman
    Kauffman Law Office
  • Marshall Behrens
    Rochester Area Officials
  • Matt Davidson
    Rochester Parks & Recreation
  • Mike Lester
    RCTC Athletics
  • Paul Widman
    Rochester Parks & Recreation
  • Rebecca Tesch
    DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Shaun Palmer
    Rochester City Council
  • Rob Cothern
  • Brian Muellner
    At Large
  • Joe Ward
    MCC President
  • Jeremy Aagard
    At Large
  • Brandon McElroy
  • Ken Nance

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