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January 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2020

Rochester Sports

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020; 7:30:00 am

Rochester Sports Board Room


Present: Gaskell, Landry, Miksch, Tesch, Behrens, Davidson, Weisner, Macken, Flint, Strauss

Excused: Kappes, Groettum, Kuisle

Unexcused: Novotny, Widman, Kauffman, Terry, Lester, Oslund, Weiss, Madden, Zmolek, Butorac, Hesse, Ward, Palmer

Staff Present: Hoosier, Esau, Curran, Lincks,

Guest: Ihrke, Nelson

  1. Call to order

Macken called the meeting to order at 7:33am.

  1. Introduction:
    • Steve Strauss: Worked for Farmers Insurance for 42 years. Is originally from Rochester, went to Lourdes. Was on the RYBA board for many years and is big into basketball. Married 43 years and has three children.

  1. Approval of Minutes
  • Gaskell pointed out the dates on the minutes are incorrect – needs to change from November to December 11th.

Motion to amend the dates on the minutes was made by Landry, seconded by Gaskell and passed.

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Wesiner, seconded by Gaskell and passed.

  1. Financials
  • Corky – General P&L: Employee parking increased as staff paid for the year. Fees and Dues went up from paying USA Softball Bid. Sponsorship, annual meeting and ASA Meeting increased with normal expenses. Still finalizing the 2019 budget with an estimate to have a profit of $20,000. Overall it was a good year and we learned a lot within the budget.
  • Ihrke asked what the plan is for the profit at the end of the year. Matt said there has been discussion but not a set decision made yet. We are getting into a year of learning with our contract with the City and have a lot of added expenses to our budget that we haven’t had in the past. In 2019 one area we saved was from not attending any conferences or partaking in MN Sports events so we are hoping to be more involved in both of these things in the future.

Motion to pass the financials was made by Behrens, seconded by Wesiner and passed.

  1. Sales Report
    • Ben: Recently I have been helping with swimming and helped section wrestling get comp rooms. I will be working with RCYBA Basketball to get their events ready and on business tables for the sports banquet.
    • Kaleigh: Just helped with Founders Cup Hockey a few weeks ago, they had 20 teams in attendance. Has 4 more hockey tournaments coming up, with the new Girls State Hockey event. Main event coming up will be NJCAA Men’s Basketball and ticket sales for the sports banquet.
    • Linsy: Working on registration and overall operations for our 12 JO Volleyball events. Over half are already full with waitlisted started. We hosted the M1 Scrimmage last weekend and our first major event will be Frostbite I this weekend with 80 teams. I am also working on finishing the script and the presentation for the Sports Banquet and will be meeting with KAAL next week to review both.
    • Matt: in 2019 we finished the year with 15 new events. Hotel rooms reported 28,656 and E.I of $24,803. For upcoming events we are looking at hosting the Broomball Nationals again for April and looking to add another hockey tournament with the Youth Hockey Hub in September.
      • Weisner asked what we can do to capture more hotel rooms. Matt mentioned how the new staff member who was just hired will be working directly to track hotel rooms to increase these numbers.

  1. New Business:
    • New Employee: Jeff Spoelstra will be working part time (four days a week) directly with the hotels to help better track hotel room nights. Once he develops good working relationships with the hotels, he will also assist with additional tasks.
    • Contract: as of Jan. 1, our contract has been approved with the city. We are working to get everything set up to be separate for things like payroll, taxes, insurance, etc. which we almost have complete. Funding from the city will be paid half in Jan and half in July. We have updated our website and added a dashboard to show our 2020 goals and progress on our KPI’s and a section to view our board meeting minutes.
    • Sports Banquet: Coming up on Monday. Tickets sales ends today. We are down on ticket sales this year from past years which is a reflection of the nominees and categories we removed this year. Hugh will not be able to have any contact with most athletes due to it being “quit season” with volleyball right now.
    • Weisner: the big scoreboard at RYBA does not work and needs to be completely replaced. It will cost $34,000 to fix and RCTC is willing to pay $20,000. We are looking for additional funding.
    • Landry asked about Ed jobs: Matt said it’s to improved or add sports facilities in Rochester. Landry requested a monthly report to our board so we have an update on what is going on with additional board members agreeing this was a good idea.

  1. Adjournment- A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Miksch, seconded by Flint and passed. Macken adjourned the meeting at 8:27am.